Truck Hire

We have 3 different size tip trucks.

One with 7.5 tonnes carrying capacity which also carries our larger digger and front end loader to and from jobs.

Our next size with 4.25 tonnes carrying capacity 

Our other truck has a 3 tonnes carrying capacity and is a narrow cab model so it can fit into tight places, it is also used to tow the Vermeer, Dingo ( skid steer machine ) and our 1.7T Yanmar excavator.

Excavator Hire

Our 3.5T zero swing Yanmar digger which is only 1750mm wide is very suitable for working around your section with its angle tilt bucket for dig outs, driveways, patios etc. The digger also has 300mm and 500mm buckets plus auger to bore holes from.150mm to 600mm, a ripper for that hard ground and root rake for cleaning up roots and branches, a grab bucket ideal for removing concrete and buildings.We now have a screening bucket for screening soil on the smaller sites.

A 2.5T zero swing Yanmar for our intermediate size jobs.

We also have a 1.7T zero swing Yanmar digger with expanding tracks so it can be narrowed down to 950mm wide It has a 1000mm angle tilt bucket, 450 digging bucket and a 200 trenching bucket. We can arrange bigger diggers if required.

Skid Steer Vermeer and Dingo

The Vermeer and Dingo are skid steer machines which are capable of working in confined spaces and out in bigger areas also. The benefit of the skid steer machines is that they can do so many different jobs with the many attachments that we have which are very easy to fit to the machine with the Dingo quick hitch system.The Dingo can dig, cart, spread and levell with its 2 differant buckets. Auger post and tree holes from 150mm to 600mm. We have a Rotary hoe, Renovater, Landscape power rake, levelling bar, Concrete breaker. Trencher that trenchers from 100mm to 300mm width up to 800mm deep. The Vermeer tracked skid steer is larger than the Dingo which can use all the attachments that fit the Dingo and has a larger motor making it a powerful machine.

Wheel Loader

We have a 3.5T Yanmar 4 wheel drive pivot steer loader. Mainly used to load our trucks and to screen soil.